(5/6/09) TABU TATTOO #37: The issue came out “last” summer but we finally ordered a couple of copies & saw that John L. ran (by Bill)… have a copy for ya John!

(5/25/08) SKIN ART #120: Guess they have some old photos on file as they just ran Rocky’s pirate ship (by Bill), check it out!

(3/10/08) TATTOOS FOR MEN #73: You’ll find Rick S. legs in the TRIBAL section on Pg. 21 & Bob R. arm on Pg. 86 (both by Bill). Also, check for more of Bill’s work in the next SKIN ART #120!

(6/20/07) Just ordered & received some recent issues of TATTOOS FOR MEN & TATTOOS FOR WOMEN (issue #s to follow): Check out Sonny’s “car” in MEN & Karen’s “tree” in WOMEN (both by Bill Liberty).

(1/23/07) TATTOOS FOR MEN #65: Rocky’s pirate (by Bill) is running “full page” on Pg. 78… picked up a copy for you Rock, come by!

(1/19/07) TATTOOS FOR MEN #66 (on stands now): Check out Steve H. (by Bill) on Pg. 88 towards the back of the mag under “Sides” (where are you Steve??????). Ordered a couple copies of #65 to see what ran in that issue, will let you know.

(1/9/07) INTERNATIONAL TATTOO ART (FEB ISSUE): Check out Pgs. 77 & 80 for photos of Eric H. & Steve L. (by Bill).

(10/26/06) TATTOOS FOR MEN #65 (on sale 10/31): Some work by Bill will be running, check back for more info.

(9/4/06) SKIN & INK (November 2006): Hugh’s tigers (by Bill) are running on Pg. 80! As soon as we get our subscription copy we’ll have an extra copy for you Hugh.

(8/11/06) TATTOOS FOR WOMEN #72: Check out Lori’s arm on Pg. 18 & a fairy on Pg. 82, both by Bill.

(7/23/06) INTERNATIONAL TATTOO ART: Rick S. maori leg pieces (by Bill) are running in the AUGUST issue (Pgs. 90 & 95). Rick… tried to reach you but no answer or machine! We didn’t get our subscription copy so thanks to Lori’s cousin Kim for letting us know & to Cameron for bringing in the magazine.

(3/15/06) INTERNATIONAL TATTOO ART: Rocky’s pirate (by Bill) is running in the MAY issue (Pg. 72).

(1/18/06) TATTOOS FOR MEN: Aaron’s indian/horse piece (by Bill) is running again (issue #/date to follow).

(11/28/05) INTERNATIONAL TATTOO ART: Although an old photo, you can check out “Stained Glass” Steve in the DECEMBER issue (Pg. 91) & the snake on Eli in the JANUARY issue (Pg. 86).

(11/3/04) SKIN & INK and INTERNATIONAL: Check out “Stained Glass” Steve in the OCTOBER issue of SKIN & INK as well as the DECEMBER issue of INTERNATIONAL. He’s everywhere this year & we love it!

(8/4/04) TATTOO MAGAZINE #182 (On Sale Aug. 10): “You’ll see the work of Bill Liberty on Steve Hallsted” in this issue. “Stained Glass” Steve was photographed up at the National Tattoo Show in Reno this year & was recently interviewed for a story. We now have a copy at the shop. Steve (or should I say Steven!) is listed on the contents page & has a three page spread (Pgs. 73-75). Looking good Steven!

(9/8/04) TATTOOS FOR MEN #32 (2000?): Carl brought by an old issue & in a section called “Automotive Ink” there is a piece on Paul by Bill. Thanks Carl! Paul, come by the shop & check it out. We just discovered that Jennifer has a piece in this issue too, congrats to her!

SKIN ART #98: Just received the current issue (Jan. 04)… check out Aaron’s piece by Bill!

SKIN & INK (online): Back in ’02 Lori’s “crown/cherries” (by Bill) made the photo cut in December and Anthony’s “praying Godzilla” (by Bill) in November (see links below).

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