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IT’S OFFICIAL, IN OCTOBER WE’RE MOVING THE BUSINESS TO NEWCASTLE (right off of Hwy 80 at the Newcastle exit, west side, across from the Newcastle post office). Might be closer for some, farther for some, but it’s “right” off of 80 so easy to get to and less congested.


We’re moving to be closer to home, to downsize a little, and to semi-retire even more… you might want to get your work done/completed!!


We’ll be out of the office until MONDAY JULY 18.


If you’ve been working on a piece for a few years and we’ve kept you at our old hourly rate, your next piece is going up. We’ve been fair by not going up much over the last 10-15 years while everything around us has and while other artists are charging more, and we charged the same rate for ten years from 2004-2013 (we planned on going up after our move to Folsom in 2008 but when the economy tanked we couldn’t see doing that to our clients). If you’re not at our current rate which started 1/1/2014, you’re paying a rate that was established in 2004 so we’re sure you’ll understand. We thank all of you for your continued business!


As well as our regular days off Wed, Thur, Sun… we’ll be closed 4/15, 4/16, 4/18 & 4/19 for a little R&R.

Price Estimates

Just a friendly reminder that an estimate is indeed an “estimate” given to you after a consult but before your design is drawn. The larger and/or complex a piece is the more difficult it can be to estimate. It’s a ballpark estimate, “a very rough approximation.”

Hourly artists won’t give you an exact price, that’s not how they work, and only an experienced artist (such as Bill) should be charging an hourly rate.

If you want an exact price then you might be happier with an artist who charges “by the piece.” Or, you can go to an artist who charges less per hour but in the end (if they don’t work as fast), you might pay more!

If you’ve been here before you know we’re all business, that we don’t waste time/money, and we’re not trying to rip you off. Heck, we’re not even the highest priced around (while we could be!).

If you’re interested in a full sleeve, half sleeve, full back piece, etc. you can be sure that we’ll complete it for you as quickly as possible but without compromising its integrity.


Uploaded an older version of the FAQs and now the answers appear to be working!


Our apologies but the drop-down answers on our FAQs don’t seem to be working and we’re not sure why (they were working fine before a recent WordPress update). Hope to have it fixed soon so in the meantime please feel free to call 916-985-3777 or email w/any questions.


Been a while since we’ve posted something here but we find that Facebook is quicker and easier. Nothing new to report for 2016 so far other than we’re heading out to Orlando in April to visit our friends at the National Tattoo Show, should be fun!


We’ll be closed on SAT 6/27 as well as MON 7/27 & TUES 7/28.


The studio will be closed for a little R & R 7/11, 7/12, 7/14 & 7/15 (and of course, we’re always closed Wed/Thur/Sun).